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Dead duck in Maddy Whitman Mystery Series

Maddy Whitman Mystery Series

front cover of Fowl Play a funny mystery novel

It's all fun and games until someone's goose gets cooked.

Fowl Play is the first book in a brand new series by Monique MacDonald and Carla Howatt. Set in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the series follows Maddy Whitman who makes her living buying and selling the contents of storage units and estate sales. Along the way, she runs into some crazy characters and baffling situations.

She often calls on her crew of friends to help her out and sometimes to even help her stop her goose from getting cooked!


Author Carla Howatt
Carla Howatt was born in the oilfields and raised in the wheatfields of Alberta. She is the author of several psychological thrillers and has spent a lifetime reading.
Her other novels can be found here.
Author Monique MacDonald

Born in Montreal to Lebanese Egyptian immigrant parents, Monique Kerba MacDonald started writing at her grandmother's kitchen table from the moment she could scribble with a crayon. Her grandmother was passionate about the written word and encouraged her to write poetry and short stories. Monique's love of writing led her to careers in education and communication, as well as being a regular and guest columnist for various newspapers and magazines.


With the exception of a few years living in various parts of Canada and the world, Monique has been calling Edmonton home since she was 15. She's a proud Saint-Joseph's High School graduate and University of Alberta Faculty of Education alum. 

Upcoming Books

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Upcoming cover of Maddy Whitman Mystery Series Book 3
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